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the fell asleep on meme!

"i just need to rest my eyes"

Someone, whether it be a friend or a total stranger, has fallen asleep on you wherever you happen to be; you are a rather comfortable pillow to them.

Do you let them sleep or abruptly wake them up?
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[The bar itself isn't anything that special, location being its biggest draw. There's no fancy booths or vintage wines, and the clientele certainly didn't draw people in from work. But that also ranked high in the appeal. This wasn't about seeing or being seen.

This was about getting a drink. And maybe, just maybe, having four or five more until it added up to something much more substantive.

It certainly feels like the night for it.

Spike's surgery had lasted for over four hours. Reconnecting the complicated map of nerves and tendons in hands might be easier for Wolfram and Hart than the community hospital up the street -- but that didn't necessarily equate to simple. And yes, Spike's healing ability would help fight off the natural fear of infection but that didn't keep the the image of his unattached hands any further at bay. Every time she closes her eyes, it's still there.

Knox had insisted on hovering, using there planned date for the evening as a reason to keep close. He'd wanted to help. Fred knew that. But somehow hearing just how many other times they'd performed a similar surgery on various suspect aspects of the population just didn't do anything for the uncomfortable turning in her stomach. She'd ended up calling off the date and shooing him off, feeling slightly guilty that she used Spike as an excuse.

Food seemed like the most logical option, but somehow on her drive home Fred found herself calling Wesley before claiming her stool at the bar. Studying the shot glass one last tip she tips it back, welcoming the slight burn.
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[Wesley had been surprised by the call, but perhaps he shouldn't have been considering what had happened that day. Spike, Dana, Andrew and the revelation that Buffy's camp didn't trust Angel's camp at all. It had been a bitter pill to swallow and he'd not exactly been in the best of spirits himself when Fred had called.

And yet, here he is, sitting next to her at the bar, watching her down a shot of tequila. It's what friends do, isn't it?

He smiles faintly, then shakes his head.]

So how many do I need to do to catch up on you?
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[Fred holds up two fingers to an emphasis that isn't at all needed even as she nods to the bartender to pour both of them a shot this time around. They're friendly enough -- in a didn't know a single thing about the other sense. Fred had ended up here the night after she'd signed the lease to her new apartment. On the heels of her contract, there'd been the undeniable sense of change and the need to get drunk along with it.

Through several disappointments and failures, as well as two one night stands this particular bar has maintained itself as Fred's refuge away from nearly all things work.

What should be surprising is how willing she was to call Wesley and bring him into it. But it isn't. And Fred's not in a place to over think it]
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[Wes indicates for the bartender to serve him two consecutive shots. He's determined to join her tonight, no matter what. He may not be a usual fan of tequila but he's no stranger to hard spirits. That said, once he gets a shot and downs it, he still makes a face. It's an acquired taste, after all. He reaches for the second, steeling himself.]

What is it about tequila in particular? Does it have some significance in your youth? Because, well, let's face it, it doesn't exactly flow down the throat like mother's milk.
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[Fred makes a small face of her own at Wesley's apparent judgement of her chosen alcoholic companion]

That's the point. The burn...

[It's obvious to her, at least. She tips back a shot of her own]

And I guess it's a Texas thing. The stuff is everywhere there, worm and all. Which means it made its way to every Friday night, bonfire and random night at the lake.

[It tastes like home, not that she's ever given it that much thought before]
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Ah. Now I'm beginning to understand.

[Wes offers her a knowing sort of smile and knocks back the second shot.]

I wonder if they make alcoholic tea beverages here.

[He's only half-joking. Setting the glass down on the counter again, he indicates for the bartender to bring them a couple more. Then he turns to Fred again. He knows what's on her mind, why she's here, determinedly drinking.]

We had a bad scare tonight, but he's going to be all right, Fred.
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[The notion of Wesley finding some sort of alcohol-infused tea to drink earns a flicker of a smile. But it fades at his final statement. Of course he's managed to settle square on what what's really bothering her]

Are we? [Fred spins the fresh shot that's placed in front of her slowly across the warn surface of the bar. There's no immediate answer from the amber liquid] Are we really?

[When Angel came to check on Spike, he's told her what Andrew said. Of course, it's not anything Fred suspects they haven't all thought at one time or another. But it's still difficult hearing out out loud, even from Angel. How must it have felt, coming from Andrew?]

When did I become the girl that can calculate in the time it takes to cross the lobby the coordinates needed to direct lasers to boil a man's brain inside his head, or who spends her Friday nights overseeing the surgery to reattach her friends hands?

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[Wes' expression grows somber. He knows that she doesn't want empty platitudes from him. He'd been there beside Angel when Andrew had taken Dana into custody with a show of Slayer force. The message he'd delivered to them had hit hard. They weren't trusted anymore. Buffy saw them as potential enemies, not allies.]

Probably about the same time I became the man who wrote up covert assassination scenarios and proposed directing lasers to boil a man's brain inside his head as a viable strategy.

[It bothered him how much it didn't bother him like it once had. That he could contemplate murder of a human being (albeit a very evil and dangerous one) over a cup of tea in the morning, and know in his heart that it was probably for the best if he was removed from the world. But at what price? When did each decision made become harder and harder to reconcile? Were they losing sight of their mission? Why they were here in the first place?]

This isn't how I'd pictured how I was going to spend my Friday night, either. But...I'm glad for the company.
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[Fred sighs audibly, awareness creeping in of just how tired she is. It's been another long run, a tough span on days. Yes, they've been through them before but the time between them - any sort of opportunity to breathe -- seems to been coming in shorter and shorter spans.

There's no easy answer here. Fred knows that. And she senses that Wesley does as well]

I'm glad for the company too. [In that moment, Fred realizes she really couldn't picture sharing it with anyone else. She swivels on her stool, holding up her shot glass in a makeshift toast] Happy Friday night...or is it Saturday morning?
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[Wes checks his watch.]

Oh, we're well and truly into Saturday morning now. So, Happy Saturday morning, Fred.

[He clinks glasses with her and then downs the shot.]

I'd like to say that the taste is growing on me? But perhaps my tastebuds are is just becoming number.

[He chuckles, shaking his head wryly.]

We probably should eat something. As it is, I think a cab may be in order.

[Then a thought occurs to him.]

Weren't you supposed to be going out on a date tonight? I hope you were able to reschedule.
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[Happy Saturday morning. There's an echo of the toast in her eyes as Fred tips back her own shot. And Wesley is right. There is a pleasant numbness taking over now, just touching on her lips and the edges of her fingers. It's a welcome warmth, working from the outside in]

...I'm not hungry.

[It's a telling statement, but a completely true one. She's spent the better part of the back end of her evening surrounded by severed extremities. And blood Too much blood. Apparently Spike being a vampire didn't mean there was any less of it.

Instead of food, Fred waves them over two more shots]

And I was. Knox hung around for a while but...[She tries to think of how to explain it. How hot the room already felt. How it got that much harder to breathe] I ended up just sending him home.
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He does that a lot, doesn't he? Hover, I mean.

[It might stand to reason with him being Fred's assistant and also someone she's dating, but Wes can't help but feel that the man's been a little too territorial around Fred lately. Whenever Wes has gone down to the lab to consult with her, he's always nearby, inserting himself into the conversation, whether or not he's needed. It's a subtle thing, perhaps, but Wes has found his cheerfully affable demeanour increasingly grating as well. There's something about Knox that rubs him the wrong way, although he can't put his finger on it yet. Just a gut feeling. And it isn't just because he's gained Fred's romantic interest.]
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He doesn't mean to. [For some particular reason she can't quite reach Fred feels the vague need to defend Knox. Maybe it's the sheer amount of not work time she's given to him lately. It should have some kind of value]

He's just eager...[In one swift move she knocks back her shot then leaves her hand suspended in the air. It waves vaguely in the direction of a hairline, not meant to be her own. A messy waggle of fingers follows] Like a puppy.

[Fred immediately claps the same hand over her mouth, realizing her alcohol(and the shots she had before Wesley arrived) might be showing itself]
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[And clearly Fred would be the sort of person to find puppies inherently adorable and sweet rather than potentially destructive and annoying. So he nods, forcing himself to act like he agrees with her sentiment. He also has to concede that once upon a time he had been rather like that. But those over-eager days are long gone now. He's more jaded now, less innocent to how cruel the world can really be. It could be that that's what Fred sees in Knox, a boyish charm, untainted by cynicism and regret.]

Perhaps he just wants to impress you. That's certainly understandable.
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[Fred signals for another shot, and this time a brief exchange with the bartender follows. When it's over the bottle sits between them. She reaches for it and fills her glass -- still a perfect pour. A grin breaks out across her features, it's a matter of pride after all. Fred is still wearing it as she tilts back the alcohol. It hardly burns now.

There's a distinctive clap of glass landing soundly on the bar]

Let's not talk about Knox. Let's not talk about work. Let's talk about....Wesley. [Fred's hand collides with Wesley's arm in a brief, friendly manner] Tell me about Wesley.
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[Wesley clearly needs to catch up and so he reaches for his shot and tosses it back. Then it goes down a bit the wrong way when Fred says she wants to talk about him. It's both a surprise and probably the last thing in the world he feels comfortable talking about right now. But he clears his throat and gives her a sheepish smile, wanting to humour her if he can.]

What is there to talk about? I'm practically married to my job and aside from having a firebombed apartment and staying at your place, there hasn't really been anything much of interest to note.
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[There's a look in her eyes that says she's not buying it]

I'm absolutely, completely and utterly certain that's not true. [Fred moves to pour Wesley another shot before leaning in closer] ....come on.
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Well, I went to a secondhand book sale last Sunday and on Tuesday night I visited the J.Paul Getty Museum. There was an exhibition which just opened, featuring manuscripts from the Carolingian and Ottonian Empires.

[At least he's reasonably confident Fred's eyes won't be glazing over by now. But in the past, other women haven't been quite so intellectually inclined. But then again, those other women were random hook ups. Release valves, nothing more.]

Perhaps if you asked me something more specific?

[He knocks back his drink, hoping to be buzzed enough to get through this feeling of awkwardness in talking about himself. Such a far cry from the days when he was eager to boast of his accomplishments.]
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[Briefly, from some fizzy center in her brain Fred wonders if he was attempting to replace books that might've been lost in the fire]

I read somewhere that opened. I remember thinking...

[She remembers thinking that Wesley would like it. That maybe they should even make a day of it. After nearly a week spent in each other's company after the fire, Fred finds herself missing his company at odd, unexpected times.

Tossing back another shot Fred refills both their glasses and searches for an actual questions]

M&Ms. [It's a firm declaration] If you could only eat one color of M&Ms for the rest of your life, what would it be?
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You remember thinking what?

[He eyes her a little when she refills their glasses again.]

Are you trying to get me legless? I think I had a cup of soup and a cracker about ten hours ago.

[Still, he doesn't want to be outdrunk, so he gamely picks up his shot glass.]

As for your question. I think I would eat the dark brown ones. Since they are the least likely to be picked by other people.
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That we should go.

[She answers without any real preamble, because it's the truth. It would've been fun]

I don't...remember the last think I ate, actually. It was...from a container? In my office fridge. Half a Ruben, I think. The bread was soggy.

[Fred nods to herself, as if confirming the idea of it. It'd definitely been a sandwich. She dutifully refills both their glasses, the pours not so neat now. Just as quickly her glass is empty]

I'd pick the green ones. Because I like the green ones.
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[If Wes were more sober at this juncture, he would have practically fallen off of his stool at the offer to go with him to a museum exhibition. But the tequila has made him less alert and give odd priority to the various things Fred is talking about.]

Green is my favourite colour, actually.

[There, Fred, you got some ventured information out of him. He reaches for the bottle, having noticed how quickly she's putting back the shots.]

I think I'll take custody of that for now.

[He turns to the bartender.]

Two soda waters, too, please.

[Turning back to Fred.]

We should pace ourselves, otherwise one or both of us is going to have to be carried out.
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[Her smiles brightens at the mutual appreciation of green, but it fades just as quickly at the sight of Wesley taking control of the tequila bottle]


[There's a lot she wants to say here. That she can't seem to get the image of Spike's bloodied, ragged wounds just before they started the surgery out of her head. That she is tired. That life's been coming at them non-stop lately...

So why can't they be non-stop themselves. At least for a little while.

But her mouth is numb and instead of the right words in her mouth Fred just find's the lingering taste of tequila]

...not fair.
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I'm not cutting you off, just suggesting we slow down a bit. Besides, I have a steadier pouring hand right now. Less of it will end up on the bar itself.

[He keeps his tone deliberately teasing. He doesn't want to spoil her fun, just to mitigate the inevitable damage afterwards.]

All right, so you want to know more about me? I dislike celebrating my birthday because it's too close to Christmas. I prefer cats to dogs. I had piano lessons when I was a child but the teacher was horribly mean and used a ruler so I pretended I wanted to learn the bag-pipes instead. Which lasted all of two months. I still enjoy watching Oprah. I love bubble baths. I'm addicted to word games and once drove clear across town to go to a specific late night cinema to satisfy a ridiculous craving for their hot buttered popcorn.

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